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Live interaction and collaboration with your teams via an online whiteboard. Smoothly integrate all your files, images, notes and other documents.

General information about Miro

Miro is a visual collaboration platform. It enables your teams to collaborate effectively around an intuitive, interactive online whiteboard. This means you can bring your staff together at any time, wherever they are, to take stock of a project, present an idea or set up brainstorming sessions.

One of Miro’s strengths is its relevance to all types of teams: UX and design, marketing, engineering, sales or product management. All collaborators can make profitable use of Miro’s many features.

Depending on your needs, the Miro collaborative platform can help you organize brainstorming sessions, produce diagrams, set up meetings, workshops or Scrum events, as well as map processes.

With this software tool, your startup’s business can take off, because you have the ideal tool to put your ideas in order, use the dynamism of teamwork and achieve all your objectives.

Miro has over 50 million users worldwide, more than 100 integrations with third-party software and over 1,000 spreadsheet templates developed by the Miro community. It’s not for nothing that 99% of Fortune 500 companies use it, and that G2 has ranked it the number one visual collaboration platform!

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Secret's take about Miro

I’m the type of person that needs to see what I’m talking about: write out ideas, plan out steps, attempt to draw a design… 🎨 Imagination isn’t a strong skill of mine 🙃

What is Miro?

Miro’s fun and practical software is ideal for brainstorming, diagramming, mapping, researching, planning and more 🧠 The tool allows you to collaborate with your remote teams so everyone can participate in the different stages of each project, adding notes, documents and comments along the way. Start simply and easily with Miro’s collaborative whiteboard, building on your ideas and expressing yourself in a visual way so you and your team can work efficiently & effectively 🎯

Our opinion about Miro:

Miro is the perfect software for remote teams of any kind to visually collaborate together so everyone stays in the know ✨ From design, marketing and product management teams, to engineering, consultants and sales teams, Miro’s got you covered. It’s easy to get started with over 1,000 templates to help inspire you and useful resources like Miro Academy, Miro Community, Miro Experts Directory and more 💪 Start visualizing the future of your startup!

Miro Pricing:

Miro has 4 plans for you to choose from, the Free plan including unlimited team members for you and your team to get started with 🙌 Selecting a plan can depend on the needs of your startup: the workspaces, collaborators, integrations, etc. Get the most out of Miro’s software with the plan that works the best for you 😎

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Best Miro alternatives:

If you’re looking for an alternative to Miro then look no further! Alternatives include ClickUp, Fibery, Notion and Airtable, with some great offers available on Secret 👀

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Mary O'Brien

Customer Success Manager

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1 deal available for Miro

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$1,000 in credits (lifetime validity)

$1,000 in credits (lifetime validity)

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What is Miro used for?

Miro is a powerful tool for small businesses, providing a versatile platform for team collaboration. Its interactive online whiteboard allows teams to brainstorm, plan projects, and share ideas, regardless of their location. This is particularly beneficial for remote teams or businesses with multiple locations. Miro is also versatile, catering to various teams from marketing to engineering. For instance, a design team could use Miro to map out a new website layout, while a sales team could use it to strategize sales targets. With over 100 integrations and numerous templates, Miro simplifies and streamlines collaboration, helping small businesses reach their goals more efficiently.

Miro pricing


3 editable boards

1,000+ templates

100+ apps & integrations


Contact sales


Centralized account management & insights

Customer success program

Premium 24/7 support



/ user / month

Unlimited boards

Unlimited visitors

Unlimited project folders

Custom templates



/ user / month

Unlimited guests

2,000+ advanced diagramming shapes

Breakouts & voting


Miro features

Collaboration just a click away.

  • Templates

    Miro offers dozens of board templates to help you hit the ground running and work more efficiently (kanban board, mind map, workshops, diagrams, UX / UI research, strategy and planning,..).

  • Integrations and API

    Hundreds of applications are already connected to Miro and you can use the robust API for specific needs.

  • Interactivity

    Embedded videos, images and chat as well as live collaboration tools.

  • Sharing and collaborating

    Share information and data without ever losing tracks of ongoing tasks or documents.

  • Time travel

    Miro's time travel feature lets you see your board's progress and changes over time, making it easy to track progress and identify problem areas.

  • Intelligent formatting

    With Miro's intelligent formatting, your board will always look clean, organized, and easy to follow, without any extra effort on your part.

  • Customizable dashboard

    Miro's customizable dashboard allows you to create a personalized workspace that suits your specific needs, making it easy to stay focused and productive every day.

  • Powerful search

    Miro's powerful search allows you to quickly find any board, item, tag, or person, saving you time and effort when working on multiple projects.

Miro: Pros & Cons


  • Numerous templates: The software’s suggestions make it possible to create quality content quickly
  • Many features: The collaborative software is complete, especially in the paid version
  • Useful collaboration features: Visibility of presentations to all and sharing of tasks makes remote working efficient


  • UX Design: The interface is quite complex and would benefit from being more intuitive
  • Internet connection required: Offline work is impossible
  • Little security: Everything can be modified or deleted by group members

Why is Miro better than other Collaboration software?

Miro has better positive reviews than Google Workspace: 97 vs 95

Miro has more options than Google Workspace: 227 vs 156

Miro has better positive reviews compared to Moqups: 97 vs 96

Miro is better at customer service than Moqups: 4.3 vs 4.0

Miro is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than ClickUp: 97 vs 96

Miro is more versatile than Figma: 227 vs 23

Miro is a better solution based on percentage of positive reviews than Mural: 97 vs 93

Miro is more versatile than Mural: 227 vs 59

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Miro Partner Agencies & Experts

It is with the greatest care that we have selected the best agencies and experts across the world to help you implement, use, and optimize Miro.

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