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Translation Software

Translation software saas is a web-based tool used to convert text from one language to another. It is used to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages. The software can be either a stand-alone program or an integrated component of a suite of programs. Translation software is typically used to facilitate business interactions, to provide multilingual support to websites and other digital media. It can also be used to convert written documents into a different format, such as a PDF or Word document.

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Make a multilingual version of your website quickly and efficiently

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Save up to $1,000

Weglot will allow you to translate your website and your new pages into different languages in just a few minutes.

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Write French like a pro.

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Save up to $43

MerciApp is a comprehensive spelling and grammar checker that enhances your written French. It offers real-time correction across various online services like Gmail, LinkedIn, Notion, and more, ensuring your texts are flawless.

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