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Educational Software promo code – December 2023

Educational Software

Educational software cover any kind of tools used for educational purposes. It includes educational games, software for learning a foreign language, software for teaching and administering tests, and software for presenting instructional materials. Educational software helps customers or employees learn and develop skills, while increasing their knowledge and understanding of a particular subject. It can be used to supplement the traditional instructional methods, such as lectures, textbooks, and physical materials.

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Trainn 1 deal available

Video creation platform for SaaS product adoption

Trainn allows you to create professional quality videos to integrate and train your customers on all your products. You can then create a knowledge base and an online academy to continuously train your customers and build their loyalty.

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Wilco 1 deal available

IT development training platform

Wilco offers you the opportunity to challenge your own skills or those of your employees via a development platform. This way, everyone can develop and practice technical skills and improve their skills in a fun and efficient way.

25% off the first year of an annual plan (Save $3,000)
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